ECIA Board Meetings in Antwerp and Berlin

The new ECIA board had a regular meeting in Antwerp in November, 2015 in order focus on the main steps for the next year. The discussion searched for the new topic of Genaral Assembly 2016 – the relationship between the profession of interior architecture and laws in Europe concerning health and safety of people. The ECIA Round Table offers a platform for the national organisations to exchange experiences in these fields, to learn from each other and to get inspiration for new ways. The board continues to work on with the concept for sponsorship of ECIA website and newsletter.

The board hold the last meeting in Berlin in March, 2016 and met also the representatives of BDIA. The main discussions focussed on contemporary communication – modernisation of ECIA corporal identity, website and newsletter. The task at the moment is also to generate the contacts in Eastern Europe – Bucharest and Budapest.