Introduction BCSP

The project Building on Connections for a Stronger Profession aims to professionalize the organisation and to increase recognition and strengthen the profession.

The European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA) is a professional network that represents interior architects and designers throughout Europe. Through its EU co-funded project "BCSP" ("Building on Connections for a Stronger Profession"), the ECIA strives to create an environment which enables European interior architects and designers to practise their profession effectively and meaningfully for society.

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • professionalise the ECIA organisation,
  • strengthen the interior architects’ profession at local, national and EU level,
  • increase recognition of the profession's positive impact on society and the environment, particularly by contributing to the European "Green Deal" and "New European Bauhaus" initiatives.

More about the project BCSP

The project wants to call attention to the fact that the profession of interior architect/designer needs recognition at a local, national and EU level. Only then can interior architects /designers have the general recognition by the public and legislative bodies they need to unleash their full potential and increase their positive impact on society and the environment.

In essence, the goal is to promote an environment in which interior architects/designers can practice the profession in an effective and relevant way for society. By doing so, this project will also enhance the capacity of interior architects to be active at international level in Europe and contribute to the Green Deal, both priorities of this call.

The project BCSP will run for 3 years and is divided in the following subprojects:

  1. Spider Models Research
    Description: To collect data to be able to get a good overview on the profession in the different countries of the EU / Europe. This will be done in collaboration with the University of Antwerp.
  2. Growing the network
    Description: Growing the network of ECIA by attracting new members, assisting European countries to set up a NO for interior architects/designers and stakeholders networking.
  3. Exchanging knowledge
    Description: To improve the skills of the professionals by organising workshops, trainings on various topics (also on topics like New Green Deal and Renovation Wave) with different partners (NO’s, universities, other organisations).
  4. ECIA Interior Award
    Description: Organising a competition that will identify good practices in our profession.The best projects will be promoted with various publications and a travelling exposition.
  5. Promoting the ECIA Charter
    Description: Promotion of the ECIA Charter of Interior Architecture Training, as a tool to work towards a higher standard for Interior Architects/Designers education (and consequently the profession) in the EU. This includes also the organisation of a Charter Networking Conference (in collaboration with Subprojects 3 and 6).
  6. Representing the network
    Description: Representing the network by setting op policy work groups to brainstorm and to discuss about policy and regulatory questions, organise stakeholder events and ECIA round tables

For more information on BCSP you can contact the project coordinator on bcsp @

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