‘A wonderful weekend!’

This was the first sentence that came into my mind when I was thinking about our general assembly weekend in Antwerp. It seemed that everything was perfect, from the weather up till the perfect organisation by AiNB. Who could imagine that we would have a picnic in the sun in mid-September? We have never, in the history of the ECIA, welcomed so many members at one time. This also proved that our organisation is blooming and that we are all willing to work together, learn together and above all, to help each other. It is much more evident and likely that we will give each other a call or just write a small mail to stay in touch. The network has been strengthened.

Next year we will see each other in Spain. And I am sure, from my own experience, that this weekend will be just as nice as the last weekend. I am really hoping to see you there again.

But, in-between we will have a year in which we will work on our given tasks and agenda. Work on the analyse of the recognised profession in Europe, education, member relations, EU regulation; but above all to promote and represent the great profession we have with two wonderful new board members, I can’t wait to start!

Yours, Anja Dirks