BDIA: 'Interior Architects are in the rise. Involve them!'

bund deutscher innenarchitekten: For more than 60 years we are engaged in the complexity and the framework conditions of the profession. In Germany we are in a privileged position because the profession „Interior architect“ is a protected title and thus an important label for comsumer protection and quality. We intend to fight for this protection and wished, other European countries would have the same privilege. Interior Architecture is quite on the rise for many years now, the profession is very attractive for young people and the practising colleagues are pleased with full order books. But for us it is not a time to lean back. The challenges are still manifold: deregulation trends within the EU, the demographic changes, the quite tight national and global economics and the overall transition of our societies require a sharp and modern approach for us. We are untiringly strengthening our networks and positions – always the next generation always in mind.

An overall issue is the continuous embedment of interior architects and designers in the general disciplines of engineers and architects. We want our colleagues to play an understood and valued part within these specialists. We fight for more competitions and more prominence of urban planning, architecture and interior design for our society and the quality of our daily routines.

Photo: Hans Jürgen Landes / Dortmund, Messestand Deutsches Tapeteninsititut imm cologne 2016 von raumkontor Düsseldorf