BNI, new presidents

By the end of 2020 the members of the BNI mandated Jaap Molenaar (l) and Taco Hylkema (r) to co-chair as presidents the BNI board.

In their new role they want to bring the BNI forward into a futureproof organisation while keeping the heritage of the association alive. An inclusive and open-minded association is needed to keep up with the everyday reality of the profession, this means giving appreciation to a broadened membership not only for those entitled to the architect title but also for those having an accredited diploma.

Sharing knowledge will be a keen point for the BNI to move the profession forward and the skills it takes. The BNI will therefore broaden its role as a network organisation. Empowered linking of students, starting architects and as well the self-employed members to colleagues, partners and larger agencies, will strengthen not only interaction but also enrich the professional know-how creating the extra value for clients.

Beside bringing together our members we also look into new paradigms and collaborate intensively with other disciplines, associations and organizations inclusive the ECIA. A strong bonded cross disciplinary approach will help to create momentum for the larger issues like the Green Deal, housing shortage, sustainable design and will move the profession of the interior architect strongly ahead.