CGDDI: Jornadas de Segovia—Confederation of Design Schools

The CGDDI represented by its president Teresa Casas: ‘During my speech, I basically focused it on the need to have an Interior design degree with 240 or 300 credits. I also explained that ECIA, as a European Architecture-Interior Design organisation, wants to work together with all the member countries to have a general register of the profession at European level. I spoke about applying what was established in the Bologna plan of 2008 and the importance of knowing the charter of ECIA 2013.

Teaching is increasingly better in terms of quality and academic training in Spain. However, the professional skills section is limited by the Technical Building Code, where there are only architects and engineers. This is a topic that I am working in: to equate teaching with professional skills.

I think this will be possible with the support of schools, autonomic regions, Consejo General, ECIA (with its charter) and the own interior designers. With this support, we can insist on it with the Spanish government. If it is not possible to change the law, at least it would be good to regularize professional interior design skills as an annex to Technical Building Code.’