Europan 15 is Launched

Europan is a European competition of ideas, bringing together design professionals, private stakeholders and public representatives of European cities to generate fresh solutions to today’s challenging urban questions. Interior architects and designers under the age of 40 are encouraged to join the competition, as a member of a multidisciplinary design team.

Europan serves a dual purpose: on the one hand it gives young design teams the opportunity to turn their ideas into real projects, while on the other hand it offers cities and developers innovative approaches to local urban planning and development. The competition spans over a two-year period in which some 15 to 20 European countries are involved.

Europan15 is launched on 18 March 2019. This session, Europan would like to particularly focus on the issue of the ecological transition related to a vision of the productive city for the future. Europan15 points out three issues for the challenge on new productive conditions of transformation: Resources, Mobility and Spatial Equity. These three categories can be declined on three scales: territorial, middle and micro scales. Europan 15 proposes a diversity of sites in Europe. There is a limited number of entries per site. See

Registration deadline for design teams is Sunday 28 July 2019. More information can be found at the following website