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As a first double lecture in their series celebrating 10 years of Faculty of Design Sciences, the University of Antwerp organises a very interesting double lecture on the professionalisation of interior design. Grace Lees-Maffei (University of Hertfordshire) speaks about New Histories of the Professionalisation of Interior Design, followed by a lecture of Els De Vos on the professionalization of Interior architecture in Europe. In her lecture, Els will present the project for ECIA, the European Council of Interior Architects, about the degree of professionalization of the discipline of interior architecture across several European countries. This research is a subproject of the European funded ECIA-BCSP project: Building on connections for a stronger profession.

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Watch the lecture of Els De Vos on the professionalisation of Interior architecture in Europe here.

Download the lecture slides below.



ECIA EDV_ lecture__17_10_23_Antwerp
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