German member bdia elected a new board and will change its official name

On November 18th 2023, the bdia members elected the following interior architects to the board of presidents at the Federal Members' Meeting in Frankfurt am Main: Professor Carsten Wiewiorra is President. Gabriela Hauser and Natascha Ninic were elected as Vice Presidents. Johann Haidn was confirmed as Vice President and Treasurer.

The members also voted in favor of renaming their association. In future, the bdia will be called "Bund Deutscher Innenarchitektinnen und Innenarchitekten e.V.". This was in line with the request to change the name of the association to address gender and diversity. In addition, the statutes were amended: "The name of the association refers to all genders and gender identities. All personal designations in the statutes and regulations apply equally to all genders and gender identities."

Finally, the members adopted the so-called Frankfurt Declaration, in which the bdia, on behalf of its members, calls for the removal of restrictions and obstacles to the exercise of the profession with regard to their building authorization (Bauvorlageberechtigung) at a national level in Germany. The Frankfurt Declaration is addressed to politicians and other decision-makers.