Good News from Norway

This year has started well for NIL members. In 2019 and 2020 the citizens of Oslo will be able to start using three new public buildings: The new National Museum of Art, Deichman – the new Oslo Public Libarary and a new museum for Edward Munch paintings – The Munch museum – will all be completed within the next year and all three projects have Norwegian interior architects designing the interiors.

The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design is the largest of the three buildings and has a total area of 54,600 m2. The building is commissioned by The Norwegian Ministry of Culture and was designed by the German architects Kleihues + Schuwerk. Two Oslo based Interior Architect companiescadi asand Kæls StudioASshare the interior project.

Deichman – the new Oslo Public Libarary is 19,600 m2 and will have two million visitors each year. The building is owned by the City of Oslo and was drawn by Lund Hagem Architects and Atelier Oslo. The interior architects are AS Scenario and are also Oslo based. The facade is translucent and at night the interior light will shine through the walls and provide views of the activities inside the building.

The new Munch museum is due to open in 2020 and is 26,300 m2. The client is The City of Oslo and the building was drawn by the Spanish architecture firm Estudio Herreros.AS Scenarioare also the interior architects for this building. The brief for the interior is: all the floor plans, the design of the office and administration areas and the bespoke design for the shop, library, study and graphic show areas and the teaching/communication areas.

The picture is taken 20thmarch 2019 shows the Munch museum under construction.