This year, ECIA proudly welcomes three new national organisations as members, expanding our ECIA world to include representatives from 18 European countries! 🤩

This achievement marks a significant milestone under the ECIA EU-co-funded sub-project, "Growing the Network."

But the journey doesn't stop there...

Since 2021, the ECIA sub-project team has been actively working to establish a new contact with the Interiors Association (IA), the National Interior Architects and Designers Organisation in Ireland, with the support of local educators in Interior Architecture.

Recent Happenings

Two weeks ago, our dedicated sub-project team members, Jeremy Williams and Marianne Daepp visited Dublin to meet Jackie Carton, the very active founder and president of IA. ECIA is optimistic about presenting and welcoming Ireland as the 19th national member soon🤞.

Ready to grow the network in your country?

Contact Marianne Daepp, our "Growing the Network" sub-project leader, at for guidance. We're actively seeking contacts in several European countries, including Greece 🇬🇷 and Portugal 🇵🇹.

Let's connect and strengthen the network together!