Mauro Brigham New Chairman of AiNB

The ECIA is delighted to welcome Mauro Brigham as a new chairman of AiNB and wishes him all the best in his new journey.

“To inspire, inform, support, bring together, improve and develop - such is the role of the AINB.

As the new chairman of the AINB, I aspire to lead the organisation through a creative and effective collaborative dynamics, driven by board members, members and various partners in the construction sector.

Flemings, Walloons, Germans… and the world in our hands.

The 2nd most cosmopolitan city in the world, Brussels is located in Belgium and is one of the best examples of the richness of the cultural and linguistic specificity of the country. The creative potential driven by such diversity is huge and has already propelled many designers and architects beyond our borders.

At the heart of a constantly expanding sector

Interior architecture is a complex crossroad used by a multitude of actors such as interior designers, architects, real estate developers, public and private organizations, education, construction companies, material manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, service providers ...

The AINB has a unique opportunity to definitively affirm its unifying voice and role by facilitating connections, promoting the exchange of ideas and know-how, helping to build trust between the different actors, addressing environmental, technological and behavioural challenges.

Mauro Brigham was born in 1977 in Lisbon, Portugal and moved to Antwerp, Belgium at the age of 15. He graduated in interior architecture from the Ecole des Arts St Luc in Saint-Gilles, Brussels.

Co-founder of creative agency ncbham, he is the creative director of a passionate multidisciplinary team of interior architects, architects, graphic designers, industrial designers and food experts.”