New release: book of Torsten Hild

With his new book, Torsten Hild, Swedish interior architect and professor of furniture design at Gothenburg University/Campus Steneby, gives a basic description of the profession, not only by students and professionals, but by everyone involved in construction and real estate. Torsten wants the book to be a kind of platform for conversations about the meaning and value of the interior. He writes:

During my professional career, I have often had to argue for the value and importance of interior architecture in various contexts. I often became frustrated as there were so many opinions on the subject but very little written in a factual manner.

The book is an introduction to the subject of interior architecture and the profession of interior architect. It tries to objectively describe what the subject covers and what the profession does, as well as what the benefit is from a social perspective.

I hope that it can become a starting point for fruitful conversations about the subject and the profession in the future, and that it can contribute to raising the value of them for the development of society.”