SBID Awards

Last year SBID received entries from 41 countries, with literally hundreds of applications from micro business freelance individuals to some of the world’s largest interior design and architects practices all showcasing the most amazing and inspiring projects that demonstrate exactly what the industry achieves.

Vanessa Brady (Founding president): 'As designers for business, for leisure and for general wellbeing we create safe environments for people to move around in. We are an industry that adds value to the bottom line of our clients business by making clever choices that they had often failed to assess. This visual and functional aspect of design advice is frequently ignored by the media who rarely see the added value of great design. Something as simple as a door hinged on the opposite side of the frame can change the flow and safety of movement by users. It is this value of design once assembled collectively makes designers great.

Our objective at SBID is to elevate the status and profile of such global talent to promote and demonstrate exactly why our profession is so amazing. In doing so we showcase our industries stars and emerging talent.' [photo: SBID]