SISU 2019 : Actual / Tegelik

International SISU Symposium of Interior Architecture and Spatial Use takes place in Tallinn, Estonia from 12 to 14 June 2019.

Highlight of the Estonian interior architecture calendar since 2014, SISU Symposium is organised by the Estonian Association of Interior Architects ESL, with the concept and programme for each SISU Symposium developed by a curatorial team. This year, the curatorial team consists of members of the Interior Architecture Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts EKA led by Professor Hannes Praks.

This year, the focus of SISU will be on the physical presence of our craft. The symposium will investigate strategies for spatial intervention, making and production through educational practices that combine direct engagement and participation in the creation of physical space. We will look at the tactile-sensorial experience a space can provide, we will explore material design through the lense of interior architecture and we’ll be inspired by the words of a long-time professor of EKA Interior Architecture department, Estonian interior architect and designer Vello Asi (1927-2016), who said that space should always be designed from inside out.

From 12 to 14 June 2019, we invite interior architects and students of the field as well as professionals and students from neighbouring fields - architects, designers, etc - to join us for a three-day exploration of the interior architecture and spatial design process at the Põhjala Factory on Marati St, Tallinn. We will start with an empty space and will together - in the form of workshops and lectures - build up SISU Symposium 2019. The working format of SISU 2019 will be split 50:50 between workshops and lectures.

SISU 2019 will be set up at the Põhjala Factory located on the Kopli peninsula of Tallinn – a 15 minute tram ride from the centre of the city. At present, this former ship-building area is weighing its options for the future, with many of the choices to be made being spatial, thus making Põhjala an excellent partner and location for our three-day investigation into the current space-making strategies interior architects employ. The spacious, inspiring quarters of Põhjala will also allow us to not only speak of practices, but also show, engage, make and produce space, showcasing interior architecture educational practices.

We hope to see you on SISU2019 !

Curatoal team:

Hannes Praks, professor, Head of Interior Architecture Department in Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA)

Jüri Kermik (PhD), EKA Interior Architecture Department, Visiting Professor

Andrea Tamm, EKA Interior Architecture Department, Visiting Teaching Assistant

Maria Luiga, EKA Interior Architecture BA student

Linda Zupping, EKA Interior Architecture BA student

Curatorial Competition Jury: Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla (PhD), Liisa Põime, Marje Karu, Reio Raudsepp ja Tarmo Piirmets

Project manager: Silja Kukk,

Curatoral team contact: Andrea Tamm,

Media contact: Triin Männik,