SISU–LINE #4: Naked Space

The fresh publication is based on the SISU Symposium ‘Naked Space’ (Luzern/Tallinn), discussing the possibilities of changing space and architecture as living organisms. The various methods of use, temporary use, conservation, and addition of and to the space intrigue and inspire people to take interest in urban experiments and relate emotionally to the real spaces and buildings.

About her own space,political space and naked space talks Eva Franch, the recently appointed Head of London Architectural Association School of Architecture who, as a critical practitioner, has activated the architectural and art scene of New York with her Storefront for Art and Architecture Gallery.

SISU–LINE studies the experiences of metamorphoses, the activation and intervention tactics and possibilities in space providing practical examples, concentrating on the multilayering of space while re-purposing abandoned buildings. Architect Juhan Rohtlaand interior architect Tarmo Piirmetswrite about the transformation of an abandoned factory building into the new education environment for the Estonian Academy of Arts. Captivating upcycling projects from other parts of the world are analysed by Pascal Angehrn, ie. Leon Lai, Nicolai Schlapps and Tom Bosschaert. Visual essays present the relationships between time and space through the eyes of filmmakers Ülo Pikkov, Ella Raidel and Sander Saarmets. The transformation of buildings is systematized academically by philosopher Eik Hermann.

Estonia has a long tradition of studying and teaching interior architecture; spatial education has been acquired here also by Latvians, Lithuanians and more distant neighbours. We can state with pride that Estonia has a unique interior architecture school. The magazine includes the 2017 Master projects conducted at the Estonian Academy of Arts’ Department of Interior Architecture with comments from the instructors. How the teaching methods and directions are renewed, is discussed by Graeme Brookerfrom London Royal College of Art.

SISU–LINE is a publication uniting spatial practitioners and theoreticians to create practice- and research-based connections between the space related disciplines. The articles have been peer-reviewed and the publication adheres to the classification system (1.2) of the Estonian Research Information System.

The SISU-LINE editorial board was joined by Prof Markus Berger from the Rhode Island School of Design, Dr Liina Unt from EKA Doctoral School and Kees Spanjers from ECIA.

SISU Symposium ‘Naked Space’ was created in collaboration with the Estonian Association of Interior Architects, the Estonian Academy of Arts, and Luzerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Editor-in-chief: Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla

Editor: Eva Näripea

Editorial Board: Markus Berger, Jüri Kermik, Edina Dufala-Pärn, Martin Melioranski, Triin Ojari, Liina Unt, Kees Spanjers

Graphic Design: Stuudio Stuudio

Publishers: Estonian Academy of Arts’ Faculty of Architecture and Estonian Association of Interior Architects

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