Soft Space - International Symposium of Interior Architecture

The 2nd International Interior Architecture Symposium is focusing on three main topics about "Blurring Boundaries - Potentials for Space and Usage".
The keynote lecture "Transpositioning" will address the interdisciplinary way of thinking and working which integrates the discipline of interior architecture into an overall design and planning process. Under the title "Fluidity", speakers from Japan, Denmark, England and Germany will present topics and trends in the design of flowing spaces at the interface of interior/exterior, private/public. The topic "Transaction" deals with the fusion of physical space and digital layers and examines the question of what effects the dissolving boundaries have on the built (interior) space.
In addition, students will present their personal views on the subject of blurred boundaries... in space and use.

The speakers are:
Bjørg Aabø, Snøhetta (Oslo)
Randi Jensen, Tato Architects (Kobe)
Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen + Svend Jacob Pedersen,
Spacon & X
Karsten Huneck + Bernd Truempler, KHBT Architects and Designers (London/Berlin)
Alisa Andrasek, RMIT University (Melbourne)
Tüüne-Kristin + Urmo Vaikla, Vaikla Studio (Tallinn)
Leonid Slonimskiy, Kosmos Architects (Moskau/Genf)
Stefan Carsten, Zukunftsforscher (Berlin)
and others

We are looking fortward to an exciting discurse with you and the international speakers about the topic of Blurring Boundaries - Potentials for Space and Usage.

The Co-Curators

Prof. Sibylla Amstutz + Nicole Hartmann
Hochschule Luzern – Technik & Architektur