VSI.ASAI. pays homage to Peter Zumthor

‘I design my buildings from inside out and from outside in and then once more from inside out, until everything is just right’ - is how the architect describes his method of working.

For the 75-year-old Association of Swiss Interior Architects VSI.ASAI., this tribute to Peter Zumthor on the occasion of the World Interiors Day 2019 represents the high esteem in which his work is held. As a trained carpenter, interior architect and architect on his path to being awarded the Pritzker Prize, he has succeeded again and again in conceiving, developing, curating and constructing his architectural spaces as total works of art. He, more than anyone else, understands how to unite immediate surroundings and space, to create atmosphere and to give the space a soul.

His ‘passion for things’, his handling of the existing fabric, his visionary design and his moving spatial language make him a defining role model for us all.

Remo Derungs, President VSI.ASAI.