Revision of the Charter (2020)

The Charter of Interior Architecture Training serves as a reference document for the Interior Architecture profession and educational institutions to define objectives and scope of Interior Architecture training, and to describe the standard of the entry level to the profession. The main purpose of the revision was to clarify the requirements for the training of an Interior Architect from the perspective of practice, check if these were appropriately pictured and ensure that changes in society were reflected in the necessary qualifications, as described in an upgraded charter. In the revision of the Charter, the most significant changes are the need to design with an awareness of environmental issues, increased social responsibility and the use of digital technology. The definition of the profession of Interior Architect used in the 2013 charter has been re-worked and expanded in the 2020 Charter in order to reflect the work and position of the profession today. You can download the 2020 Charter here. The Charter will be promoted, as part of the EU Funded project BCSP, to set a good standard for the profession of interior architect/designer within Europe.