Anja Dirks (NL)


Architect/ interior architect and owner of Studio id+. Former board member of Dutch Federation of I.A. (BNI); currently commission member at Dutch Architects Registration Bureau. Anja Dirks is the President of ECIA since 2015.

Loes Bliek (NL)

Secretary General

Loes has a long career as allround executive and deputy director of Bureau Architectenregister (BA), the architects registration board of the Netherlands. She is specialized in the recognition of EU and foreign qualifications and was representing BA in several European organisations and networks. Board member since 2018.

Teresa Casas (ES)

Board member

She is owner of the studio Teresa Casas Interior Design, Girona (Catalunya) Spain, a lecturer at superior schools and universities of interior design in Spain. She is currently President of the Interior Designers of Catalunya and the General Council of the of Interior Designers of Spain. Teresa has been President of the Girona Interior Designers 2010-2015 and Secretary General of the Girona Interior Desingers 1999-2010. Board member since 2016.

Marianne Daepp (CH)

Board member, Treasurer

She is owner of the studio Marianne Daepp, Innen-Architektur VSI in Maur, Switzerland. She has been member of the VSI. ASAI for many years. And she has been involved in federal commissions of education and research in Switzerland. Board member since 2013.

Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla (EST)

Board member, Communication

Tüüne-Kristin is a spatial researcher and an interior architect (VAIKLA STUDIO) who explores the social and artistic dimensions of space. She is a lecturer and supervisor of transdisciplinary projects in Estonian Academy of Arts and has gained international experience at RMIT University of Melbourne, etc. Tüüne-Kristin is the curator of Estonian National Exhibition at the XIII Venice Architecture Biennale, (co-)curator the SISU interior architecture symposiums and editor-in-chief of the SISU–LINE interior architecture research journal. She belongs to the board of ECIA since 2015.

Jeremy Williams (NO)

Board member

Jeremy Williams is originally from Bristol in England but have lived and worked in Norway for the last 24 years. He studied Interior Architecture in Oslo and worked in the interior department of a number of large architect companies. He is now employed as principal lecturer at Kristiania University College. Board member since 2018.

Former presidents

Per Reinholtz (SE) President of ECIA 2014-2015
Director of Reinholtz & Ronnemark architects. Former ECIA boardmember and past president of the Swedish organization.

Joke Van Hengstum (NL) President of ECIA 2008-2014
Director of Van Hengstum Interieurarchitekten. Several years she was secretary and president of BNI. She was president of ECIA from 2008-2014.

Kees Spanjers (NL) President of ECIA 2004 - 2008
Director of BV Zaanen Spanjers Architects in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is the past president of BNI, and a past board member in IFI, the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers. He served as ECIA president from 2004-2008.

Christine Borella (F) President of ECIA 1999 - 2004.
Director of Borella Art and Design, based in Paris, France, together with her husband Nicola Borella Interior Architect. She has been involved in ECIA since 1995. She was a member of the board of IFI, the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers 2001-2003.

Roeland van der Hidde (NL) President of ECIA 1992 - 1999.
Director of Hidde Consultants in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He was ECIA's first president, and is also a past president and now a honourable member of BNI, the Netherlands.