The European Council of Interior Architects is the representative body for the European professional organisations in Interior Architecture and Design. Founded in 1992, ECIA currently represents 18 members-national organisations, with approximately 17000 professionals Interior Architects/Designers.

ECIA provides a common platform for the exchange of information on best professional practice. It endorses minimum common standards of education and professional profile for the associated Interior Architects/ Designers in the member organisation.

The profession of interior architecture is enhancing the full spectrum of interior architecture, which can be as much as furniture designs as small-scale architecture. The ECIA has been established to found a European network to intensify the European network for interior architects/ designers and to constantly develop and intensify the profession. This is done by projects and intensive communication about the profession and sharing views and a permanent dialogue with the members, partners, and sister organisations, institutions and the European parliament itself.

One of our tasks is to endorse minimum common standards of education and a professional profile for the associated interior architects/ designers of our member organisations. Furthermore we wrote the ECIA Code of Conduct; a Professional Ethics sets standards for the associated Interior Architects/Designers on approach and responsibilities within the profession, towards clients, society an environment.

We intensively worked on these themes and developed our mission:

“ECIA is an European platform to represent and promote the qualified profession of interior architects/designers.”

The profession has various embedding’s in the different member countries. Different by law, type of protection, professional requirements and education. We thereby want to achieve a general recognition of the profession by the public and legislative bodies at local, national and EU lever. We embrace the diversity within the profession, but developed a vision in which:

“There is a common view on the profession of interior architects/designers as a vital part of society, culture and economics.“

We are committed to the wide cultural diversity in Europe.