Membership in the ECIA offers a shared platform for achieving the recognition of the profession of an interior architect through the following:

  • Policy development with regard to international issues and EU legislation and directives
  • Work toward the status of a ‘Common Training Framework’ as announced in the EU Directive on the liberal professions
  • Inter professional cooperation and exchange on a European level with related professions such as architects (ACE), landscape architects (EFLA) and city planners (ECTP)
  • Presentation of the qualified profession and examples of European interior architecture

Membership in the ECIA offers a shared platform for developing common educational standards and qualification profile through:

  • Exchange of information, ideas and best professional practice
  • Cooperation with educational institutions in the field of interior architecture /interior design
  • Establishment and updating of the “European Charter of Interior Architectural Training”

Membership in the ECIA helps strengthening of the profile and broadening the scope of work of a national member organization by developing common policy documents:

  • Collaboration in advocacy of the profession
  • Uniform admittance policy, leading to easy cross border practice and guest membership format
  • European Charter of Interior Architectural Training
  • Model Code of Conduct
  • Platform for dialogue and exchange of information about professional development, best practices and education for the national organisations
  • Collaboration with the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI)

Through membership in ECIA national organizations offer the following benefits to their individual associated interior architects:

  • Partner in a wide community of trained professionals with high standards of ethics, recognised within the industry and by the general public
  • Sharing the minimum standards of education and professional profile of Interior Architects in Europe
  • Recognized integrity through ECIA’s Model Code of Conduct
  • Easy access to Cross Border practicing through guest membership in participating professional organizations
  • Access to all ECIA activities
  • Access to or participation in working-groups of international experts on a number of topics relevant for the profession
  • ECIA newsletter

ECIA’s member organizations shall:

  • Promote shared ECIA’s core values on a national level
  • Maintain mutually agreed standards of professional practice and conduct
  • Inform and discuss matters of mutual and international interest