The aim of the Charter of Interior Architecture Training is to serve as a reference document for the Interior Architecture profession and educational institutions to define objectives and scope of Interior Architecture training, and to describe the standard of the entry level to the profession. The aims and objectives of the ECIA Charter of Interior Architecture Training are to define the skills and the training necessary for a qualified practitioner to competently engage in the profession of Interior Architecture and by doing so to provide a guideline for the curricula development in the educational institutions.

The European Charter of Interior Architecture Training is modeled on the Bologna Declaration (joint declaration of the European Ministers of Education, 1999), and based upon national and international standards and agreements on the entry level in the interior architectural and design professions. The Charter uses the terms 'Interior Architect' and 'Interior Architecture' as the common description in most of Europe for the profession. In those countries the general description for the profession ist ‘Interior Design’ and where applicable ‘Interior Architect(ure)’ should be read as ‘Interior Design(er)’ or vice versa.


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