Construction is a global industry that influences all architectural related subject areas. A training in Interior Architecture should ensure the achievement of employment related skills that are flexible and transferable to career opportunities in an international context. The primary objective of the training is to develop a high level of individual ability supported by technological, cultural and critical studies. It is the responsibility of individual Schools of Interior Architecture to organize their course outline, according to circumstances, in a specific way within the overall structure presented in the European Charter of Interior Architecture Training.

Benefits for schools

ECIA Recognition distinguishes schools as fully compliant with the European Charter of Interior Architecture Training. This assures students of the quality of the education, and the international value of diploma’s. Through ECIA’s website and membership activities schools can publicise themselves and be part of the international professional debate. ECIA membership will be a platform for the exchange of best practice, harmonization of standards, coordination of research projects and educational and professional development. The assessment offers a unique opportunity to mirror the schools program to international standards and best practices and to discuss and evaluate the program with recognized international experts in the field.

Benefits for ECIA

Recognition of schools and Educational Membership will strengthen ECIA’s profile and the recognition of its membership as ‘well trained professionals with high standards of skills and ethics’. Educational Membership will foster the exchange of students, educators and professionals. Educational Membership will raise the interest of students and young professionals in national professional organizations. Above all, Educational Membership will bring to the table a prospect for theory, research and development in the interior professions.